Friday October 13 Free Wine + Beer Tasting 6pm
Friday October 13 Food Truck: La Bella Airosa 6pm
Friday October 13 Live Music: Zeke Roland 8pm
Saturday October 14 An Evening With Uinta Brewing 6pm
Saturday October 14 Food Truck: T’Geaux Boys 6pm
Saturday October 14 Live Music: Striking Copper 8pm
Sunday October 15 Food Truck: Hogzilla 6pm
Thursday October 19 Food Truck: Little Chef 6pm
Thursday October 19 Spocktoberfest 7pm
Friday October 20 Free Wine + Beer Tasting 6pm
Friday October 20 Food Truck: Steviemacks IFC 6pm
Friday October 20 Live Music: The Casserole 8pm
Saturday October 21 Food Truck: Yeh Mon 6pm
Saturday October 21 Live Music: Luxe 8pm
Sunday October 22 Food Truck: Port City Puffs + Stuffs 6pm
Wednesday October 25 WBW: Ballast Point Cask Collective 6pm
Wednesday October 25 Food Truck: Mitch’s BBQ & Pizza 6pm
Wednesday October 25 Live Music: Soul-R-Fusion 7pm
Thursday October 26 WBW: Taste The South With Natty Greenes 6pm
Thursday October 26 Food Truck: Poor PIggys BBQ 6pm
Thursday October 26 Live Music: Sean Meade Jazz Trio 7pm